Dr Jan has presented and performed both nationally and internationally.  She inspires students to improve both personally and musically, teachers to be creative and expand their knowledge, and parents to assist their children in their learning experience.

She has conducted regular motivational talks and lectures for a variety of groups both worldwide and at her studio on many topics. Here are just a sample:

  • Motivating your child to practice
  • How parents can help their children learn and improve
  • Teacher training – getting accredited
  • Including Aural and sightreading skills instrumental lessons
  • Creating aural programs for instrumental learners
  • How to buy a piano
  • How to practice and improve your playing
  • The benefits of music for all ages
  • Adult learners – how they learn and how to teach them
  • Earlay childhood group lessons – preparing for an instrument/preparing for the piano
  • Suzuki lessons for young children
  • Suzuki philosophy for older beginners
  • Teaching adolescents…………..and much more

Please contact us for more information. Talks may me given at the studio or on site, specifically personalised for YOUR NEEDS.