Music Moments offers private lessons for all ages from early childhood (approximately age 4) to mature age, particularly seniors.

Music Moments has a policy that ALL students OF ANY AGE can learn… talent is not inherent.

Specific care is taken to ensure the right atmosphere, personal learning pace to accommodate any physical requirements. Teaching focuses on correct posture, technique, sound production and performance techniques.

We concentrate mainly on classical piano repertoire but we do also teach jazz, ragtime, and many other styles as your personal taste requires. Whatever you want to play, you will learn to play well.

Theory, aural skills, sight-reading, improvisation and composition are also incorporated into  lessons or can be taken as separate studies.

The benefits of starting early

The benefits of starting early have been tabled prolifically with both academic and physical benefits. The development of both left and right hemispheres of the brain in musical learning continues right throughout growing and into mature age. Octogenarians have been found to have and increase in brain development and activity through starting and/or continuing to learn an instrument.

About the lessons

Lessons are conducted in a professional studio that has two grand pianos, a digital piano and a small range of percussion instruments for additional learning and interest. It also has a full library of classical sheet music with many other sources to draw upon.

Lessons are also available via Skype on request with payment via Paypal.

Lesson times start from 30 minutes and generally run in 10 week blocks, payable in advance.

You can start at any time during the year. Teaching continues through school holidays at mutual convenience.

A free interview is given at the start to meet and greet, tour the studio, and generally get to know each other before the first lesson. This way learning can commence without any interruptions. Studio policies and procedures are outlined and printed for your benefit at the interview and any queries answered.

Contact us soon, we are ready to help begin your piano journey!